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OVICX Q100B Bluetooth Exercise Bike Stationary Bike with App Magnetic Workout Indoor Cycling Bike

The OVICX Q100B cycle bike is lighter than a microwave and fitted with wheels so you can move it wherever you want, yet its silent running InfinAdapt Magnetic Resistance System means wherever you put it, it won’t disturb anyone’s peace.

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  • Bluetooth Connectivity

  • With BLE5 Bluetooth, the bike can connect to your favorite smart phone, tablet, smart TV, or other Bluetooth-enabled device from up to 130+ feet away. Not that you will ever want to be that far away. With the OVICX app on your device, you’ll get a front-row seat to a first-rate elite exercise experience in your living room where you can track everything – time, distance, cadence, output, resistance, and calories burned – and measure and share your progress over time.
  • The OVICX App

  • Your at-home workout doesn’t need to be a bore. With the OVICX app, you can not only track data that matters, you can share and compare with online friends and enjoy indoor bike classes led by world-class instructors. The app includes a variety of live classes for everyone from beginners to elites as well as an archive of hundreds of on-demand workouts to choose from.
  • A Smooth, Silent Ride

  • OVICX’s InfinAdapt Magnetic Resistance System means the only thing you’ll hear on your ride is the music. This unique technology uses powerful neodymium magnets to surround this magnetic exercise bike’s flywheel in an adjustable magnetic field that delivers completely quiet frictionless resistance, so no one but you knows how hard you’re riding.
  • Infinite Workout Control

  • The InfinAdapt Magnetic Resistance System gives you infinite control of your workout. Unlike other stationary bikes, the slightest turn of the Q100’s lever can increase or decrease resistance by the slightest amounts, while pressing down will stop the flywheel’s motion immediately.
  • Caring Customer Service

  • At OVICX, our goal is help you achieve your goals and to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase along your fitness journey. All questions, comments, and concerns are promptly, professionally taken care of by our after-sales and technical teams.

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Weight 59.5 lbs
Dimensions 45.08 × 20.08 × 43.66 in


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